Tzahal Commando Unit

What’s it really like to be an Israeli soldier? What must it feel like to be protecting the land of Israel? Our campers will have the privilege to have a crash course in our camp’s most unique program “Nachal Yehudi”, an intimate, outdoors education under the leadership of Tzahal commandos who will be on staff at Camp Judah West. This program was specifically designed to promote awareness of the amazing and selfless work our Israeli brothers and sisters do everyday in Israel. Special hikes, life survival skills, GPS tracking, wildlife defense, team building skills, overnight nature camping, basic training etc. are just some of the unique experiences our campers will have at camp with Bunk Tzahal. This will surely be a major highlight.

Outdoors Education

“How great are your works Hashem…the world is full of your possessions”

Being nestled between 2 mountains, gorgeous trees, and just picture perfect landscaping, it is no surprise that the culture of CJW is that with a strong focus of nature, and outdoors education. How did the Indians of Cuyamaca create fire? How can we reshape rocks and stones? Which leaves or plants are poisons’? How does the type of soil affect the growth of produce, plants, and trees? We are blessed to call our home, a natural wonder. The camp boasts some of natures most amazing and beautiful  landscape, and the property is a hidden gem. Our outdoors education will also include some of our surrounding cities, specifically San Diego and the coastal cities. Kayaking in La Jolla through the caves, Archery, rappelling, surfing in the Pacific Ocean, or canoeing in our neighboring lake Cuyamaca will instill a love in our campers for all of G-D’s natural wondersand appreciate a new skill. Our outdoors education staff are all experts in their respective fields and some of them are part of the San Diego County Outdoors Education Program. We are very grateful they are on our team of experts, and we know our campers will leave camp having a whole new perspective on nature and the outdoors.