Chinuch & BMP

Chinuch and Judah’s Beit Midrash Program

Our camp is built on strong torah values. This develops a culture of learning, and also creates an opportunity for our campers to engage themselves in a more intensive learning track throughout the summer. The BMP is geared toward boys and girls who want a more intimate and in-depth Chinuch track. Every camper participates in daily Torah classes, workshops, and lectures. Our Chinuch staff is made up of some of the best and most dynamic educators, with well-rounded backgrounds and impressive credentials. Rabbi Chaim Williams will serve as the Director of Chinuch and the BMP. Together with his team of High school students, College students, and post-college students, Rabbi Williams will be working closely with all the campers in regard to Chinuch, and more specifically the Beit Midrash Program.

In addition, CJW has a comprehensive Beit Midrash Program for boys and girls entering 11th grade, entering 12th grade, and post- high school.  This program will be overseen by respected rabbinical leaders and adheres to strict orthodox religious guidelines. The BMP was created with serious torah learners in mind, who wish to split the day with learning, teaching, and working in various areas of the camp part time. The BMP has its own schedule, and programming that is appropriate for high school and post high school aged students.  Space is limited for the Beit Midrash Program.