Ruthie’s Bunk Fund

Camper Scholarship Assistance
Dedicated in memory of Chaya Ruth Assaraf ob”m

A life changing and inspiring Jewish summer camp experience is priceless. With that said, many Jewish families do not have the means or luxury to send their children to camp. Ruthie’s Bunk Fund was created with those families in mind.  Raised by his mother Ruthie, a single and hard working parent, Aharon Assaraf, the camp owner and founder, never thought he would be able to attend such camps. Due to the generosity of others and various scholarships and grants, Organizations accepted him and his siblings.  This inspired him to give in return.  This ideology and the programming behind it remains a fundamental principal inherent throughout the camp. Our scholarship capabilities are simple and authentic – No camper will be denied a life changing Jewish camping experience due to finances.  We do not leave anyone who has a desire to come to Camp Judah West behind. To inquire about scholarship assistance, kindly email


*All donations are tax deductible.