Dates & Fees

July 10th – August 13th

July 10th – July 24th

July 30th – August 13th

July 23rd – July 28th

August 7th – August 13th

August 15th – August 21st

July 28th -

Full Session (5 weeks) $3,499*

Half Session (2 Weeks) $1,599*

Half Session (2 Weeks) $1,599*

Mini Session $499**

Mini Session $499**

Camp SPORTS “After Camp” $899 – This is open to BOYS ONLY, 2nd – 12th Grade

Visiting Day - (Arrive by 10am – and depart by 5pm)





Beit Midrash Program (BMP) ****

Binyamin “Binny”

Dan “Danny”

Reuven “Ruby”


entering 3rd grade – 5th grade

entering 6th grade – 7th grade

entering 8th grade – 9th grade

entering 10th grade

* Payments by CREDIT CARD, will incur a 3% one time processing fee. To avoid this fee kindly pay by Check, Cash, or Money Order.

** Mini sessions available for girls & boys entering 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades

*** Waiter/Waitress pay a reduced fee ($2,500 for 5 weeks) and earn Tips from their tables.

**** The BMP is for 10th grade and older. There is a $150 flat fee for all BMP participants.