Camp Judah West strives to instill within each camper a love for Israel and an appreciation for nature, while integrating both intellectual and modern orthodox views.  We provide each camper with opportunities for emotional, spiritual, and physical growth by honing in on and encouraging each child’s natural abilities.  By reinforcing each individual’s positive self image and strengthening the importance of religious identity, we work to develop a unified camp community.  Our ultimate goal is to provide an enjoyable and exciting summer experience that motivates our campers to approach life with courage, confidence, and happiness.

Camp Judah West integrates aspects of informal and formal Jewish education. The programming and activities create a transformative and fun, co-ed, outdoor summer experience for Jewish youths of all backgrounds. Camp Judah West was built on the fundamental principals of Torah and Nature’s impact on the environment. We strive to inspire and develop the minds, bodies, hearts, and souls of each camper by nurturing their commitment to Torah, Modern Orthodoxy, and Zionism. Balancing growth in sports and the arts, with a love for torah and nature, we nurture a community defined by kindness, sportsmanship, personal responsibility, good citizenship, and mutual respect.

Your goals at camp will be to learn new things, challenge yourself at new activities, make new friends and create life-long memories. We’ll help you achieve these goals and provide activities that challenge your range of abilities. You’ll receive top instruction and the full camp experience in a broad program of enriching and creative Judaic classes, athletics, adventure, and the arts. The pinnacle of a “sleep away” camp experience is our Shabbat activities. Shabbatot are the true highlights of the summer. The camp is filled with zmirot, camaraderie and festive meals every Shabbat.